Incredible Betta Fish Colors and Features

The betta fish is a unique species, one is actually why enjoyed by fish lovers around the earth. Because this fish is indeed so well-loved, in how to handle it we will explain the distinct senses and abilities bettas possess that all of them similar and actually different than most fish today.


Unlike humans, bettas’ eyes are on top of the sides from their head, which may be known as monocular imaginative and prescient. While humans can only see straight in front of them, bettas have the capacity to look in two separate directions at the same time! Unfortunately, this causes in order to lack depth understanding. In our eyes, the shape and curve your eye lens is beginning to change to achieve suitable focus. However, in bettas’ eyes, the eye lens remains caffeinated beverages contain. Bettas find it tough adjust to brightness changes because of methods slow their iris works, and for a result, they have relatively poor eye. To help this handicap, they have a “lateral line” which measures water pressure using its small holes which can connected to specialized nerve endings. Aid the betta to avoid obstacles in its way. The brain deduces those nerve signals as a perception of its environment so the betta can find grocery. This helps them compensate their weaker eyesight.

Taste and Smell

Betta’s palette are on your lips, mouth and even his bout. Like humans, they inhale smells with the nostrils. Both senses all of them because they react to chemicals in the water. Those chemicals let them know people food around, or if you find a predator nearby. However, bettas is only able to sense those chemicals inside a short online.


A Betta’s ear structure is pretty simple; just consists of a sole inner chamber. A Betta Fish hears by listening for vibrations in the water. These vibrations enter the sensory mechanism in the chamber to supply sound. The swim bladder also helps the betta’s inner ear by distinguishing and heightening sounds.

The Labyrinth

Bettas descends from swamps and rice patties which were poorly oxygenated. The labyrinth, which means “maze”, is often a special repertory organ is actually not found in Anabantoidei. This busy organ is important because permits oxygen to taken in from the air directly into the bloodstream. The reason a huge survival advantage when fish are in waters which contain poor weather. It is located beneath the gills, inside the betta’s head. It has rosette-shaped plates that have thousands of blood vessels within them.

The negative downside to bettas possessing this unique organ is many owners believe Betta fish can be placed safely in overcrowded afflictions. What they fail to notice is that bettas add the same amount of waste to the tank just like any other fish and can just as quickly obtain an ailment. Bettas shouldn’t ever be kept in small bowls for for a long time. It is best for their overall health to get in bigger aquariums or tanks, where the growing system swim freely in healthy water afflictions.